Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Crosman Custom Shop 2300 CO2 Pistol: Part II

As I discussed in part I, the Custom Shop 2300 has adjustable sear tensioning, which allows to lighten the trigger pull but doesn't do anything about getting rid of the long, scratch trigger pull. My first attempt at fixing this was to smooth and polish the sear. To do that, you have to remove the right hand side grip panel, exposing the inner panel:

Place the safety in the FIRE position. (This important, if you don't want to go chasing tiny parts). Remove the three small screws, using a 3/32" hex wrench, and carefully lift off the plate.

If you carefully remove the spring under the sear, you can lift out and remove the sear. After doing that, I smoothed all the rough edges on the sear and polished all metal-to-metal contact points.

Result: Marginal improvement. The next step was to buy a replacement sear. Air guns of Arizona has a very nice adjustable one with hardened inserts for $30, but I cheated out and bought a $18.95 kit from Archer Airguns. This was a simple one piece sear that came with three additional washers for removing play from  the sear and trigger:

That's it on top. I inserted in the gun, along with the shims:

After reassembly, the long, scratchy, trigger pull was gone, and in its place was a solid, crisp, trigger with no take up at all. Not bad for less than $20. 

Unfortunately I did manage to pop out the safety spring and detent ball while doing this! I made a new spring from a Bic lighter spring, but the second time the ball popped out I lost it for good. I'm off to the hardware store tomorrow to look for 3/32" ball bearings.
(They didn't have them, so I bought a pack of 100 on eBay. I'm set for a while at least!)